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Edited by Alexander Tabarrok

Table of Contents:

    Foreword: The Entrepreneurial Economist
    Steven Landsburg

    Chapter 1: Introduction
    Alexander Tabarrok

Part I: Wealth and Health Insurance

    Chapter 2: Macro Markets and Financial Security
    Stefano Athanasoulis, Robert Shiller and Eric van Wincoop

    Chapter 3: Gene Insurance
    Alexander Tabarrok

    Chapter 4: Time-Consistent Health Insurance
    John H. Cochrane

Part II: The Use of Information in Markets

    Chapter 5: Decision Markets
    Robin D. Hanson

Part III: The Shortage of Human Organs

    Chapter 6: A Market for Organs
    Andy H. Barnett, Roger D. Blair, and David L. Kaserman

    Chapter 7: The Organ Shortage: A Tragedy of the Commons
    Alexander Tabarrok

Part IV: Efficient Justice

    Chapter 8: A Modest Proposal to Improve Judicial Incentives
    Steven E. Landsburg

    Chapter 9: Privatizing Probation and Parole
    Morgan Reynolds

    Chapter 10: More Justice for Less Money
    David Friedman

Part V: Bankruptcy and Securities Regulation

    Chapter 11: Improving Bankruptcy Procedure
    Philippe Aghion, Oliver Hart, and John Moore

    Chapter 12: Empowering Investors: A Market Approach to Securities Regulation
    Roberta Romano

Part VI: Patents without Monopoly

    Chapter 13: Patent Buyouts: A Mechanism for Encouraging Innovation
    Michael Kremer

Part VII: Urban Transit

    Chapter 14: Curb Rights: Eliciting Competition and Entrepreneurship in Urban Transit
    Daniel B. Klein, Adrian T. Moore, and Binyam Reja

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