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Edited by Alexander Tabarrok


“The essays in Entrepreneurial Economics display economic ingenuity at its best, devoted to inventing market solutions for a remarkably wide range of public issues. The analysis is subtle and tends to be comprehensive; though the subjects are challenging, the exposition is lucid.”
MILTON FRIEDMAN, Nobel Laureate in Economic Science

“Provocative ideas whose times have (perhaps) come are found in Entrepreneurial Economics: Bright Ideas from the Dismal Science. The book is edited by economist Alexander Tabarrok, research director at The Independent Institute, and published by Oxford University Press. The book showcases 13 big new policy ideas, all of which feature market-based solutions.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed Entrepreneurial Economics. . . . A very stimulating collection of ingenious ideas that can be characterized as market cures for market failure. A substantial number are promising as practical measures that can contribute to economic welfare, and all of them stimulate the imagination, promising to elicit new ideas from the reader.”
WILLIAM J. BAUMOL, Director, C.V. Starr Center for Applied Economics, Department of Economics, New York University

Entrepreneurial Economics offers you lively, eye-opening, mind stretching applications of economic principles and analysis. Students who read it will confound teachers who haven't.”
ARMEN A. ALCHIAN, Professor of Economics, UCLA

“I learned a lot reading Entrepreneurial Economics, and I’ll surely steal some of the ideas for use in future books and columns. I hope others steal them for use, not just entertainment. Unfortunately, there are no property rights in the ideas themselves. That suggests we’re not getting enough of them. Let’s cherish the ones we’ve got.”
STEVEN E. LANDSBURG, Professor of Economics, University of Rochester

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